Hussein Mohsen

Graduate Student · Yale University

I am a PhD student in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics and MA student in History of Science and Medicine at Yale. My research is at the confluence of machine learning, cancer genomics, and health disparities. I received my BS in Computer Science at LAU and MS in Bioinformatics at IU. My doctoral work is supported by the Gruber Science and the Nicholas Jabr Fellowships.

I am an avid urbanite, have been to 62 cities, lived in 5, and have 3141592653589793 on the list. More on why here . This filmmaker is phenomenal. The idea of having short sentences is from here.



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H. Mohsen. The Agitating Sprawl of AI. Yale Daily News, Opinion, Feb. 6, 2017.


APR 2018 | 3rd Place - 2018 DataHack@Yale

FEB 2017 | Nicholas Jabr Doctoral Fellowship

AUG 2016 | Gruber Science Doctoral Fellowship

AUG 2013 | Fulbright Graduate Scholarship

SEP 2012 | Erasmus Mundus Postgraduate Scholarship

OCT 2011 | 1st Place (1 Team Award of 2) - Software DesignTM Competition, Beirut, Lebanon

JUN 2011 | Best Capstone Project Award (1 Team Award of 2) - LAU Computer Science Class of 2011

MAY 2011 | Best Presentation Award - Third Undergraduate Research Conference on Applied Computing (URC’11), Dubai, U.A.E.

JUL 2010 | 2nd Place - Nokia-NNA contest for mobile application development in Lebanon

JUL 2010 | Extreme Programmer Award (1 Team Award of 3) - ACM Lebanese Collegiate Programming Contest 2010, Beirut, Lebanon

2009-2011 | Lebanese American University (LAU) Honor List

SEP 2008 | LAU Undergraduate Merit Scholarship


JAN 2019 | Commenced my MA studies in History of Science and Medicine

JAN 2019 | Will be at NYAPG'19 in New York City this month

NOV 2018 | Our submission to NeurIPS'18 Machine Learning for Health Workshop is accepted

AUG 2018 | Will be at the Biological Data Science meeting this November at CSHL

JUL 2018 | Will be at ECCB this September in Athens

MAY 2018 | Submitted my last course assignment ever [I was wrong; see JAN 2019 update above]

APR 2018 | Our inaugural Yale Arab Conference (YAC) was held successfully [Yale Daily News coverage]

APR 2018 | Ranked 3rd in the 2018 DataHack@Yale