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About me

I will be starting my lab as Assistant Professor of Computational Genomics at Weill Cornell Medical College in October, 2014. I am looking for postdocs and graduate students to join my lab. Please find the job ad here. Currently, I am an Associate Research Scientist in the group of Mark Gerstein at Yale University. You can find more about me in my CV.

Research interests

My research interests fall under the broad categories of genomics, computational biology and systems biology. The focus of my most recent research has been functional interpretation of genomic sequence variants, in particular identification of deleterious variants in personal genomes. The decreasing costs of genome sequencing are leading to a growing repertoire of personal genomes. However, we are lagging behind in understanding the functional consequences of the millions of variants obtained from sequencing. This is also the case for somatic variants in cancer. An average cancer genome contains thousands of somatic variants – but the functional implications of these variants on cancer progression and growth are not clear. My research focuses on the development of integrative computational models to understand the relationship between genomic sequence variation and disease. Functional impact of sequence variants in non-protein-coding regions of the genome is especially less-well-understood. We have developed an approach, FunSeq, to prioritize noncoding variants. In my future lab, I will continue developing methods to understand the role of sequence variants in human disease.

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